SKOL member firms

SKOL member firms are independent from commercial, manufacturing and contracting interests and must have practised in independent engineering, architecture or other consulting for at least one year. The executives and leading consultants of a member firm must be full-time consultants and have an adequate education and experience in their special fields.

Currently, the yearly invoicing of members of SKOL amounts to about 1 500 M€, 300 M€ of this amount comes from foreign operations. Building construction accounts for 30 per cent of Finnish consulting, municipal engineering 20 per cent, and industrial projects 45 per cent. SKOL capacity represents two thirds of the total consulting engineering capacity in Finland. SKOL members offer services in the 33 fields defined by SKOL. About 70 per cent of the personnel in the member companies have a university or technical college degree.

Finnish consulting engineers have references in more than 100 countries in all continents. Finnish consulting engineers have internationally acknowledged know-how in several fields. They offer the best expertise available in the forest based and wood processing industries, the construction industry, municipal engineering and planning and environmental protection.