FIDIC Project Excellence Awards 2022

The FIDIC Project Awards recognise, highlight and reward the achievements and successes of consulting engineering member firms across the globe and the important impact their projects have on social, economic and environmental quality of life around the world.

Project submittals should demonstrate, in addition to the quality of the design and construction and positive economic impact, how their project addresses environmental and social safeguards, sustainability, benefits and impacts on society, UN SDGs and climate change effects. Projects of all sizes (large and small) will be considered.

Aims of the Awards
The FIDIC Awards recognise and celebrate projects submitted by FIDIC member firms for the following purposes:
• To create public awareness of the contribution of consulting engineering to society and
quality of life.
• To promote and share the importance of FIDIC principles: Quality, Integrity and
Sustainability and encourage the use of FIDIC Body of Knowledge: contracts, guidelines and best practices.
• To encourage more firm leaders involvement with FIDIC.
Recognition of Winning Firms and Projects

Award of Excellence
All projects that are nominated will be judged and out of all nominated projects up to 10 projects will receive an Award of Excellence based on the engineering excellence the project demonstrated as well as factors noted in the nomination form.
Award winners will be notified by the 8 of July to enable them to make publicity arrangements and to receive their awards in person at the Gala Awards Dinner during the FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference in Geneva, Switzerland on 12 September 2022.

Project of the Year Award
In addition, one Award of Excellence winner will be selected as Project of the Year Award which will be revealed exclusively for the very first time during the Awards Ceremony in Geneva! This will be the project that best fulfils the aims of the awards according to judgement of the jury. Depending on the variety of nominations, the jury may decide for an Award of special Merit.

Visibility for your Firm and your Project!
During the Awards Gala, each winner of an Award of Excellence will be invited to the stage to receive their Award in front of an audience of peers and leadership of the global consulting engineering community and its stakeholders. Awards will be handed out by the President of FIDIC and the chairman of the Past Presidents Committee with full exposure (press and photographers).

The announcement of each Award of Excellence at the Gala will include:
• Name of the project, its location and a brief description of the project including the
name of the client and funding source.
• Name of the submitting firm(s) and office location and its role in the project
• Name of any other key firm(s) participating in the project, if any
• Quote from the jury reflecting the selection of the project for award
• A video display featuring project photographs and/or diagrams and the name and
logo of the submitting firm(s)

After presenting all winners of an Award of Excellence covering different categories, one Project of the Year will be announced exclusively at the Award Gala Dinner. The Project of the Year will be chosen from among the Award of Excellence winners – without advance notice.
The winner of the Project of the Year will be invited back to the stage to receive their award. The Masters of Ceremonies will very briefly interview the award-winning team about its project (up to three questions). During the presentation and interview, the name of the project and the name and logo of the winning firm(s) will be prominently displayed.
In addition, all Award winners will be invited to submit a poster to be publicly displayed at the Awards Gala Dinner and throughout the FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference.
After the awards FIDIC will publicize all of the winners – showcasing the project, client and firm(s).

Nomination of Excellent Projects
Projects around the world can be nominated, demonstrating outstanding engineering capabilities.
Mega projects, international, national, or local projects of all sizes will be considered. The jury
will consider excellent large- or small-scale projects for an Award of Excellence.

Nominations and Eligibility
Project Award nominations are open to firms that belong to FIDIC member Associations, Associate or Affiliate members that have provided consulting engineering and project management services on projects of all types and all sizes.

More than one engineering firm may be recognized for the same project. However, the firm submitting the project must comply with the afore mentioned membership requirements.

All submissions should be endorsed by FIDIC Member Associations or Associates based in the country where the project is located or where the office of the firm making the submission is located. There is a limitation in nominations of maximum 15 per country. In case more than 15 entries have been received from one country, the MA will be asked to list the 15 projects the judges should consider.

FIDIC is most interested in considering “recent” projects the final phase of which was completed within the past year. For example, it is expected that design projects which are submitted for consideration will have been constructed and in operation generally within the past year.

Entries for submission shall comply to following information:
- Project name, total investment, location, client name, name of firm, office location
- Executive representative of member firm as well as point of contact for submission
and information
- Project description/project abstract addressing excellence of project, role and general
scope of engineering firm. Abstract in 120 words maximum.
- Confirmation from the client that they consent to information provided and thus
support the submission
- 5 images of the project in high resolution.
Key Dates and Deadlines
• Call for entries : 21 February 2022
• Submission deadline : 15 May 2022
• Jury considerations and conclusions: June 2022
• Notification of Award of Excellence winners and public announcement: 8 July 2022
• Submission of project promotional material (display posters, photo’s): 12 August 2022
• Gala Awards dinner: 12 September 2022

The Jury is comprised of the FIDIC Past Presidents Council (PPC), convened by the Immediate Past President. The Jury will convene and rank the submitted projects based on individual assessment.

Meeting criteria
The selection of award winners and the total number of awards to be presented will be solely at the undisputed discretion of the Jury.